Workshop on AEC 2025 Monitoring and Evaluation

Supported by EU-ASEAN COMPASS project, a one Day Seminar was organized at The ASEAN Secretariat on 30 September 2016. This Seminar was an introduction to AEC 2025 Monitoring and Evaluation

The objectives of this one-day seminar are at first to present and provide an opportunity to discuss the AEC 2025 M&E Framework. Second, it was to to familiarise the staff with key Monitoring and Evaluation concepts. Lastly, the Seminar gives the opportunity to discuss the next steps on integration monitoring including at the sectoral level and the coordination that is required within the ASEAN Secretariat and beyond.

Many presentation during this on Day Seminar were made like an Introduction and updates on AEC 2025 Monitoring and Evaluation, a Comparisons and Lessons Learned from monitoring systems, and a Presentation on the AEC 2025 M&E Framework, or about data bases and AseanStats.

Approximately 50 to 60 persons comprising staff members from the AEC Department at all levels, and representatives of the relevant directorates/divisions from other departments of the ASEAN Secretariat attend the Seminar during that day.