Technical Assistance on MDG/SDGs to ACSS

A Technical Assistance mission was organized between 21 February to 3 March at ASEC, on providing support to the ASEAN work on the final MDG reporting and first steps of the SDG reporting. The mission was to work with the ASEAN Statistical Office and by e-mail with the national representatives on the MDG/SDG Indicators on technical issues, coordination, dissemination and capacity building. This working group is coordinated by the ASEAN statistical office and includes the links to the NSOs of all the ASEAN countries. The objective was on building capacity and ensuring dissemination through technical work and on the job training on the program of reporting on the MDGs and planning for the SDG process. This gave a clear focus for the mission and the follow up work, to build capacity for and support the production of the ASEAN stats report: ASEAN MDG/SDG 1990-2015 Statistical Report and planning for the next step being the first ASEAN SDG Statistical Report.