Study visit to Bank of Indonesia for compilers of Foreign Direct Investment Statistics (FDIS)

In the framework of EU-ASEAN COMPASS, from 17 to 18 October 2016, Bank of Indonesia hosted colleagues from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam for a Study Visit in Jakarta.
During two days, 11 participants (including a representative of ASEANstats and a COMPASS Short Term Expert in FDIS) were presented the Indonesian process to compile FDI flows and positions, starting from the data collection step and ending in the web-dissemination of the statistics.
10 experts from the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Division and from the Compliance and Reporting Department as well as support staff, were mobilized by Bank of Indonesia for this Study Visit. Participants appreciated the presentations very much and asked many questions.
COMPASS, as well as the participants, would like to take the opportunity of this article to thank all of them for their warm welcoming and for their investment in the organisation of this Study Visit. New links have been established between ASEAN FDIS compilers, which will undoubtedly develop further.