National Training Workshop on SITS

A three-day national training workshop was organized in Siem Reap (Cambodia), around a succession of presentations by the COMPASS short-term expert and practical exercises to validate the appropriation of the training material by all participants. Most of the Balance of Payment unit team of the National Bank of Cambodia took part to the entire workshop, as well as several representatives from other ministries and the National Statistical Institute. Despite the limited time available, it was possible to address all seven modules and to engage fruitful discussions with participants on many aspects as well as on the adaptations possibly required in Cambodia. The mission also had the objective to review reporting of SITS data to the ASEAN Secretariat; to review SITS data collection system and agree priorities for future missions; to analyze the use of ITRS and surveys in the production of SITS; to review work conducted in the frame of the AANZFTA project and its impact on data collection.