Enhancing the compilation of Trade in Goods and Services Statistics in Asia

International Seminar on Trade in Goods and Services Statistics GROUP PHOTO


With increasing globalization and outsourcing, Asian countries have become more involved in regional production networks and global value chains. Countries have become increasingly interconnected through economic transactions crossing national borders in form of goods and services, financial instruments, investments, temporary and permanent labour migration, and technological information.

This Seminar provided international and practical guidance in addressing these issues in processing transactions on multinational activity related to  trade in goods and services, particularly manufacturing  services on physical inputs owned by others, maintenance and repair services, i.e.; merchanting, transit trade, and re-exports.

This activity was jointly organized by ASEAN Secretariat, Asian Development Bank Institute and the EU-ASEAN COMPASS Project which was hosted by Central Bank of Philippines, Manila during 14-16 April 2015.