Other Fields


In addition to the needs identified in key statistical fields and cross-cutting fields such as Information Technologies and Dissemination and Insitutional Building, some issues and concerns identified in the mid-term review regarding the scope of ASEANstats work are, as follows:

  • There is a need to address priority fields other than IMTS, SITS, and FDIS. In particular, it has been noted that the ASEAN Advisory Group on the System of National Accounts is inactive;
  • There is a need to address demand-supply data gap in some key areas on surveillance and other ASEAN policy priority fields;
  • The ASEAN Report on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has to be updated and gender disaggregated;
  • The ASEAN Community Progress Monitoring System (ACPMS) comes out only once every two years;
  • The ASEAN Statistical Indicators (ASI) need to be revisited and prioritized;
  • A high profile Early Warning Indicators System has to be considered;
  • Only IMTS, SITS, FDIS, and MDG indicators are loaded in the Regional Information Exchange Database System (REXDBS). Others are in various excel files;


The COMPASS project aims to address those issues by implementing the following activities:

  • Support in the preparation of a 2015 ASEAN report on Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and in the development of ASEAN post-2015 Sustainable Development GoalsĀ  (SDGs) indicators
  • Facilitating the revival of the National Accounts forum (2 workshops)
  • General training in specific statistical methodology
  • Support access to higher formal education in statistic for CLMV statisticians