Institutional Building


Institutional Building (IB) in the context of ASEAN statistics is about strengthening the institutional culture, mandate, structure, foundation, frameworks, products, and services of the following stakeholders of the ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS):

  • ACSS Committee (and its Subcommittees/ Working Groups);
  • ASEAN Integration Monitoring Office (AIMO)/ ASEANstats; and
  • National Statistical Systems (NSSs) of the AMS.

IB is not just about expanding institutions or strengthening their technical skills. IB is about:

  • Having clear mandates and delineated responsibilities;
  • Improving processes;
  • Ensuring availability of necessary resources: physical, human, financial;
  • Cultivating relationships with stakeholders;
  • Improving outputs, outcomes, and impacts to enhance institutional relevance; and
  • Earning trust and gaining support of the public.


Building on the initiatives undertaken in the past, the formulation of COMPASS support to IB should clearly address the following:

  • Issues and concerns arising from the mid-term review of the 2011-2015 ACSS Strategic Plan;
  • Challenges identified during the High Level Seminar on the ACSS Strategic Plan 2016-2020 held in June 2014, in Bogor;
  • Major thrusts of the ACSS Strategic Plan 2016-2020;
  • COMPASS project expected results as agreed upon between the EU and ACSS Committee/ ASEANstats; and
  • Lessons learnt from the EU-ASEAN Statistical Capacity Building (EASCAB) Programme and other projects.


To this end, the COMPASS activities on Institutional Building include:

  • ¬†Support to the improvement of the ACSS process
  • Support to regional strategic planning
  • Support to the development of national and regional user-producer consultation processes
  • Support to the implementation of the national and regional strategies for dissemination
  • Support to the monitoring of the progress made in implementing the Code of Practice and in data quality
  • Facilitating the participation of AMSs/ ASEANstats in international events regarding either the institutional framework of statistical systems or non-key statistical fields
  • Study visit to an EU Member State and/or Eurostat
  • Support to the implementation of the ASEAN-help-ASEAN Initiative