Information Technology and Dissemination

Information Technologies play a key role in the compilation, analysis and dissemination of statistics. ASEANstats and some ASEAN Member States (AMS) lack resources to deliver quickly and accurately on increasing analysis demands on an expanding range of subjects. It is therefore vital that the entire chain of collecting data, processing it and disseminating statistical information can be automated as much as possible.

An easy access to accurate and up-to-date statistical figures for an increased number of users around the world is also a key for a correct use, understanding and appreciation of statistics in policy discussion papers and by decision-makers. IT techniques, such as the use of internet to collect and disseminate ASEAN statistics, play therefore an important role. In this regard, the ASEANstats website needs improvements in terms of contents.

As for ASEAN Member States, they are the source for ASEAN statistics. As such, development gaps between them are a barrier to the establishment of a regional system. The participation of Member States in a regional data exchange system requires a certain level of IT equipment and know-how that less developed countries, especially Cambodia, Lao P.D.R., Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV), find more difficult to reach. Therefore, the Project will give special attention to ensuring that all ASEAN Member States obtain the required equipment and skills.

In this light, ITD activities under COMPASS include:

  • Consolidating the data transmission system
  • Consolidating the ASEANstats production system for enhanced and integrated database
  • Facilitating dissemination and availability of statistics
  • Exchange of data with EU
  • Procurement for ASEANstats
  • Promoting the Data Transmission Tool
  • Support to CLMV countries in the data processing
  • Assisting preparing the equipment tender dossier
  • Strengthening AIMO’s capacity to process statistical data
  • ITD Procurement for ASEAN Integration Monitoring Office (AIMO)