Technical Assistance Team

Assistance for the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Member States takes the form of technical assistance missions, advisory services, studies, study visits, seminars, workshops and working groups’ activities. This is facilitated by a core team of three key experts:

  • A Team Leader;
  • An International Merchandise Trade Statistics Specialist – Deputy Team Leader; and
  • A Monitoring Specialist.

They will be supported by a team of short-term experts with extensive experience in project fields and the region.

romeshMr. Romesh Paul – Team Leader
As COMPASS Team Leader has extensive experience in the management and implementation of multilateral and bilateral funded projects in the statistical area for more than 23 years. He has a wide-range knowledge of regional integration processes and a good knowledge on regional integration monitoring gained while working at EUROSTAT, ASEAN, COMESA, ECOWAS, UEMOA, CARICOM, Former Soviet Union countries and Western Balkan countries. His educational background and professional expertise in national and international statistical organisations related to production and dissemination of official statistics provides him with a broad vision coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the domains covered under this programme.


Mr. Henri Tyrman – Deputy Team Leader, IMTS Specialist
Mr. Henri Tyrman will have the responsibility for the implementation of the activities of his thematic sector. He will define and implement the work programme of the IMTS sector in close coordination with the ASEAN Secretariat and the ASEAN Member States and will supervise the assistance delivered by the short-term experts in IMTS. He has been for more than 6 years the Head of the “Macro-Economic Analysis, Quality, Dissemination” Sector in the External Trade Unit of Eurostat and has a great experience of assessment of national systems, of the identification of best practices and of technical assistance.



Mr. David Martin – Monitoring Expert
Mr. David Martin is a Trade and Regional Integration Specialist with an in-depth knowledge of the European integration process. He brings 15 years’ first-hand experience working for major international organisations, particularly with EC, in the design, delivery and promotion of TRTA, methodology writing, policy dialogues, institutional development and capacity building programmes worldwide (ASEAN, CARIFORUM, CEMAC, COMESA, ECOWAS, the Pacific Forum, and SADC). Mr Martin educational background and experience in international trade, project management and communication provide him with an extensive knowledge of trade monitoring, trade theory, trade regulation and trade facilitation specifically on customs, standards and performance.