5th Project Steering Committee

The 21st, March 2017, the 5th Project Steering Committee was organized back to back to a Regional workshop on AEC 2025 M&E Workshop Framework in the context of ACSS Strategic Plan. The Team Leader and IB Lead Expert as well as representatives of Expertise France and of European Union Delegation attend it. During the 5th PSC, a presentation of all implemented activities was made. Also, a discussion was opened following the presentation, by the team leader of the Annual Work Plan 3 for 2017. Total of 764.5 expertise days for the second semester 2016, compared to 472 expertise days for the first semester 2016 were implemented, which is quite encouraging. The implementation rate in comparison to what was planned under AWP2 is significant, as 87.4% of planned expertise days and 67.5% of budgeted incidentals were used.