2nd Sub-regional Workshop on Foreign Direct Investment on Statistics with a focus on surveys

FDIS CLMV Workshop, Jakarta 9-11 Dec 2015

Jakarta, 9-11 December 2015, The EU-ASEAN COMPASS project facilitated the second sub-regional workshop on Foreign Direct Investment on Statistics (FDIS) together with ASEANstats. This workshop was held in Jakarta, Indonesia and included the representatives from the Central Bank of Cambodia, Investment department of Cambodia, Central bank of Lao, Lao Statistics Bureau (LSB), Department of Investment Company Administration (DICA), Central Bank Vietnam, and Investment department of Vietnam. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Christie Richard and Ms Christine Spanneut, the COMPASS FDIS Experts together with ASEAN-Help-ASEAN (AHA) experts Mr. Justin Tai, International Accounts section of Singapore and Ms. Siriporn Muksakunratana from the Central Bank of Thailand.

The main objective of the Second CLMV Workshop was to provide guidance on conducting FDIS surveys for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam experts.

The topics are covered during the workshops were as follows:

  • History of FDI data collection
  • Basic or core data  and the Non-core data
  • Relationship to other types of foreign investments
  • Data sources
  • Model FDI statistical surveys
  • FDI data output
  • Analysis of data

Another objective of the CLMV workshop was to prepare national work plans for each of the CLMV countries on FDIS to be supported by the EU-ASEAN COMPASS project in 2016.